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Digital Video Recorders
Quadplex Operation/H.264 Compression/Advanced Remote Management
4CH / 8CH / 16CH
Max Series II are Standalone type DVRs based on the H.264 CODEC. This is the most current video compression technology available today. It out performs other CODEC's such as MJPEG, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4.
Experience the Power of H.264 Video compression
By utilizing the H.264 compression codec, the Max Series II can provide higher video quality and lower bandwidth than MPEG-4/2 video compression. With a lower bit rate, the Max Series II uses much less Hard Disk space and performs much faster data transferring over the same network bandwidth.

More Features
Quadplex Operation
Quadplex Operation enabling simultaneous recording, playback, backup and networking.

Reliable File System
NaFS - Designed to prevent data loss or
corruption in the event of a power failure.

Individual Channel Operation
Individual channel configuration such as
recording frame rate, quality, motion detection, DI/DO, recording schedule per channel.

Easy and Simple Interface
Simple and easy DVR operation interface based on instinctive user interface.

Easy Scheduler
Easy to schedule complicated weekly
recording plans.

Motion detection record.
User can define motion detection zones for each camera with grids and its sensitivity
per channel.

Easy software Upgrade.
Easy software upgrade via USB Flash drive.

Instant and convenient backup function
Still-image and video data exporting via USB flash drive, built-in DVD-RW (not global), or network software.

AVI Backup
Export AVI file which can be played via Microsoft Media Player in any PC with H.264 decoder installed.

Various ways of Network access
Various network accesses are available via Network client application software, Web-viewer, Multi-site monitoring software, and Central management software.
Instant & convenient data backup using CD/DVD or USB drive
Intuitive Mouse Operation
Exclusive backup data player
Free Dynamic DNS
Built-in Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus camera protocols over 30 models.
Automatic Video Input and Video loss detection
Multiple Client Software and web-viewer for PC
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Free Dynamic DNS